The onset of 2008 sees the Royal Group introducing various new initiatives, all of which are geared towards helping you, our members, get the most out of their membership.

MAESTRO our state of the art customized software system is being installed group wide, which means that no matter where our members may be staying, someone is on hand who can help.

We will be offering our members even more holiday specials than ever before. and GAP (the Global Alliance Partnership), which is the reciprocal exchange club created by Royal Resorts in conjunction with other leading Resort developers is expanding, enabling our Points members to stay at even more exotic locations worldwide by way of an inexpensive 'internal' exchange, rather than having to exchange externally. In addition to GAP all Royal Resort members now have access to REXNET, a new online service offered by Royal Exchange enabling members to check the availability of Bonus Weeks in a fantastic range of External Resorts. More information on GAP, REXNET and Points membership is available from your Royal Exchange office, or from your In-House representative when staying on site.

We sincerely hope that all members will find the time to relax and pamper themselves very soon on one of our resorts. In order to assist those members not so familiar with the general procedures involved in using their membership, Our Customer Services Manager, David Hadson, has included some useful tips below, by way of a 'Questions and Answers' section.

How do I bank my Annual Entitlement(s) & what happens if I don't?

Each member has a right of occupation entitling them to a specific usage on an annual basis. Members who own one week at a Royal Resort, for example, have one week to use for each year of their membership. This entitlement can be used in a variety of ways but we ask each member to contact their Royal Exchange (REX) servicing office before the 30th November of each year, to make the necessary arrangements regarding their entitlement for that year. Members who own a Week have the option of requesting that their Week be banked with either RCI or REX. Week s Members who want to take a holiday to a resort not within the Royal portfolio should bank their week with RCI, however when booking your accommodation we always recommend that our members submit their requests directly to their customer services office so as to enable us to check the availability on your behalf. Weeks Members who want to holiday at a Royal Resort, or are not sure of their plans, should bank with REX. For those Points members who are enrolled with RCI they can also request that their points be banked with either RCI or REX. Points members, who bank their points with REX, have the option of requesting a holiday at a Royal Resort, or through the Global Alliance Programme (GAP), which offers a cheaper exchange alternative to many exotic destinations worldwide. Alternatively both Weeks & Points members can submit requests to book accommodation listed as available online through REXNET against Bonus Weeks. Please contact your Royal Exchange servicing office for more details.

Please note that if a member does not bank his annual entitlement or make use of his entitlement prior to the end of the current year the week/points will expire and will no longer be available for use through either REX or RCI. If a member wishes to make use of their annual entitlement that has expired as a result of their having failed to submit a banking request a Reinstatement Fee would have to be paid after which the entitlement would be banked and available for use through REX for the normal duration for which the year in question would normally be valid.

To avoid any confusion I would like to clarify that once an entitlement has been banked with either REX or RCI it cannot be withdrawn and banked into the other, nor can an entitlement be banked with both REX & RCI. Entitlements banked with REX are automatically valid for use before the end of the second year after the entitlement e.g. a 2009 Entitlement would be valid for use before the end of 2011, whilst a week banked with RCI is valid for use within two years from the start date of the week that has been banked on the member's behalf.

For those members who own weeks based memberships it should be noted that as Royal Resorts operates a floating banking week system the weeks that are banked with RCI whilst being of equivalent size and season to that which you have purchased would not necessarily be of the same resort, club or week number. To avoid any confusion we recommend that you liaise either with your customer services or RCI servicing office to confirm the validity of weeks banked so as to ensure that you are able to either make use of them to book a holiday for yourself or to gift them to friends and family giving them the opportunity to experience what your membership has to offer.

Banking requests can be made by phone, fax, e-mail, or by completing the on-line web form at www.royalresorts.com.au. Please ensure when sending or making a banking request that you include your Member Number, the year you are banking, and whether you wish your entitlement to be banked with RCI or REX.

For further information on the banking of your holiday entitlement (including advance banking and special requests), please contact your nearest Royal Exchange servicing office.

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How do I make a booking?

To enable us to process a booking you need only submit the following information by Phone, Fax or E-mail to your Royal Exchange office:

  • Resort
  • Date(s)
  • Number of People
  • Size apartment
  • Payment Details (if applicable)
  • Type of week (Entitlement/Bonus etc)

As E-mail is the quickest and most affordable means of communicating your request, we would recommend that members use this option wherever possible.

Please note, that even if you are wishing to visit your own resort during the same week that you have been allocated you must still book the apartment. It is inadvisable to just arrive at the resort and expect to be accommodated. The resort will only allow you to check in once you have produced the Holiday Confirmation that you have been issued by the Reservations Department.

Members also have the option of gifting their entitlement to friends and family. In this case members need to ensure that they include the names & contact details of their 'guests' i.e. Full name, address, E-mail address & phone number with the respective request. If guests are traveling within Royal Resorts on a member's actual annual entitlement there are no additional charges for the guests. However, if they are making use of an Entitlement within an External Resort, or have been gifted a Bonus / Promotional week the normal Guest Certificate Fee will be payable.

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I am not going to use my week this year. Do I still have to pay the Management Charge?

Management Charges must be paid immaterial of whether you are going to use the week or not. Contractually all members are liable to pay the Management Charge for the upkeep of the resort as well as the day to day running and management of the resort. The Management Charge must be paid by the due date as per the invoice the member receives and late payments could result in penalties being imposed or even the suspension of membership.

The Management Charge is determined every year based on the running costs of the previous year and the expected costs for the coming year. It also covers necessary refurbishment and other improvements in the units and resort. It is the wish of everyone in the Management Company to keep the management charge as low as possible, but it must also ensure that the resort are maintained and run to the standards to which our members are entitled.

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How do I Communicate by E-mail?

E-mail communication is fast, cheap and convenient. It also means that members who do correspond with us by e-mail and have provided us with an e-mail address, can be contacted much more regularly with any important membership updates, special offers or Management Charge account information. As the majority of our members do now prefer to communicate with us by e-mail, I am pleased to advise that any queries / requests relating to bookings / bankings should be addressed to rex@royalperspective.com for those members residing outside of India, and rexindia@royalperspective.com for those who reside within India or are serviced by our Goan Royal Exchange servicing office.

Please note that the e-mail address for the Management Charge Department has NOT changed. All Management Charge payment enquiries should continue to be sent to mcharge@royalperspective.com. We do hope this information is of help, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact your Royal Exchange servicing office with any further queries you may have in relation to your membership and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all many enjoyable holidays in the future. We do hope this information is of help, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact your Royal Exchange office with any further queries you may have in relation to your membership and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all many enjoyable holidays in the future.

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David Hadson, our Royal Exchange Department's Customer Services Manager can be reached at:
Phone: +62 361 762131 | Fax: +62 361 762215 | E-mail: rex@royalperspective.com

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