Resort Grades / Points Table - Outside India - Points Members

In line with our ongoing efforts to provide an increasing range of services against which points can be used, we are pleased to advise that our Points members can now confirm accommodation in all of our Royal, K2, GAP & REXNET Resorts against Entitlement Exchange bookings. With these resorts offering a range of different types of accommodation it has been necessary to re-evaluate the existing Points Table & Resort Grading system, a copy of which is featured below.

When wishing to ascertain how many points you will need in order to confirm a booking you need only match the season you are wishing to travel, the size apartment you are wishing to book with the corresponding standard / resort. Please note for booking purposes all GAP & rexnet resorts are automatically graded as Silver Resorts. Should you not have sufficient points to cover your request you have the option of settling an advance payment against future Management Charges in order to use points in advance, purchasing Bonus Points or purchasing the rights to additional points. In addition to the weekly, daily and short break rates listed on the Points Table it should be noted that late breaks (bookings confirmed 45 days or less prior to the check in date) are available within Platinum, Gold and Silver Resorts at 50% of the normal listed points values.

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