REXNET Bonus Weeks - Outside India - Points Members

Through rexnet Royal Exchange (REX) is now able to offer members access to an online listing of weeks available in a range of resorts throughout the world. Whilst all Royal Resort members have access to these weeks as Bonus Weeks, as Points & Elite members these weeks are not only available at discounted rates (the listed prices are less than those featured against the listing of weeks available to all members), but also against Exchanges at a cost of US$150 per apartment per week. Please note, for booking purposes all resorts listed as available under rexnet will be treated as Silver Resorts. Please refer to the new Resort Points Table featured under the Royal, Royal Managed, GAP, rexnet & K2 Resorts banner.

Whilst due to the volume of weeks offered we are currently unable to have our actual listing of weeks feature the pricing for each individual week, when submitting requests through our online booking / payment form the amount payable will automatically be featured. Please note, should you be wishing to gift the accommodation an additional US$50 per apartment per week would be payable against the Guest Certificate Fee. You will also need to provide your guests details (name, address, contact number, e-mail address) in order for us to confirm the booking and arrange for a Guest Certificate to be issued in their name(s). In the meantime, should you have any further queries with regards to the use / purchase of REXNET Bonus Weeks or any other matters related to your Royal Resorts membership please contact your Royal Exchange servicing office.


    Standard Points Members   Elite Points Members
Last Minute Bookings
(45 days of less prior to the check in date)        
Studio (sleeping two)   US$149   US$149
One-Bedroom (sleeping four)   US$219   US$199
Two-Bedroom (sleeping six or larger)   US$319   US$249
Standard Bookings
(over 45 days prior to the check in date for non-peak periods)        
Studio   US$199   US$149
One-Bedroom   US$249   US$199
Two-Bedroom or larger   US$349   US$299
Bookings over Peak Periods
(Easter, Diwali, Chinese New Years, Idul Fitri, Xmas & New Years)        
Studio   US$219   US$199
One-Bedroom   US$319   US$299
Two-Bedroom or larger   US$419   US$399


Short Breaks (3 or 4 night bookings)
The amount payable is 60% of the full week price


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