For several years Royal Resorts has been one of the main sponsors of Christel House www.christelhouse.org, a children’s charity in Bangalore, India. Founded by Christel DeHaan, who was the pioneer of the holiday exchange system, the charity is devoted to providing educational assistance to underprivileged children in some of the poorest areas of the world. In addition to Bangalore, the charity also supports schools in Mexico City, South Africa and Venezuela.

The Royal Resorts Chairman, John Spence, strongly believes that every successful company should put a bit back into the communities that helped make it a success. Since Bangalore was the location of the first city centre office for the Royal group back in 1994, it is appropriate that this is one place where we give a helping hand to the local community.

Our assistance to Christel House takes three forms:

  1. Every year we pledge sufficient money to feed all the school’s children for the entire year. That’ breakfast, lunch and dinner for almost 500 children for 365 days.
  2. Each summer season in Goa we invite the children to one of our resorts for a special few days’ entertainment. This is "Camp Royal" and represents the only opportunity for the schoolchildren to escape the confines and monotony of their inner-city existence. All transport, accommodation and entertainment costs are paid by the company and our staff give up their own free time to look after and play with the children. It is truly a special event that children and staff alike look forward to.
  3. On an ad-hoc basis we purchase additional amenities and benefits for the school. In the past this has included a library building, followed by a large selection of books and magazines to stock the library.

Outside India, Bali is a major operational centre for Royal Resorts and we are pleased to make a contribution to charity here too. As in India, we support local children in need, through two charity organizations:

  1. The Bali Children’s Project
  2. The Kupu Kupu Foundation

Both of these non-profit organizations benefit from a monthly contribution from Royal Resorts, linked to the number of clients that we greet at our offices in Bali every day. The more busy we are, the more money we funnel to these charities - a great way to link our success to what we give back to Balinese society.

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